Every animal deserves a home

About us

Many homeless animals lead an invisible life on the street or in a shelter. Since 2013, we are trying to change this by the means of local projects.


Our foundation is named after Dima, a former homeless dog from Moscow, Russia. He lived in a shelter for nearly 4 years and was adopted in 2009. By the end of 2015 he died.

What we do

Working on a local solution for the global homeless animal problem. Also, ensure improved welfare for homeless animals. We mainly support animal shelters in Russia, but are not limited to this country. 


Do you have questions, suggestions or something else? Please feel free to contact us via info@dimaandco.org 


This is what we care about

Every animal deserves a home. Or at least, a roof over its head. A place to call safe, secured with food, water, medical care and lots of care & love. Dima & Co and her partners are not 100% but 1000% committed to ensure this and you can help us! 

We strive to work with local partners  on local solutions for the homeless animal problem.